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 Cyborg by ZVitor (edited by Mr.Giang)

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PostSubject: Cyborg by ZVitor (edited by Mr.Giang)   November 5th 2018, 11:48 pm

Character Demonstration + Download Link:

While this is my old Cyborg, I updated him with the following changes since the first release:
- Added extra voices from Injustice 2.
- Fixed icon misalignment.
- Reworked jump physics.
- Added missing hitspark for Nova Blaster.
- Some changes to juggle system.
- Fixed a glitch which makes j.Strong's active frames shorter than supposed.
- Last hit of combo string now moves Cyborg a bit forward.
- Updated hitsounds and hitsparks.
- Fixed j.Strong's animation.
- d.Medium's pausetime increased from 10 to 15.
- d.Medium's slidetime increased from 10 to 15.
- d.Medium's hittime increased from 10 to 15.
- d.Medium's powerget increased from 30 to 50.
- d.Medium's powergive increased from 15 to 25.
- s.Strong's pausetime increased from 10 to 15.
- s.Strong's slidetime increased from 15 to 20.
- Drone Kick is now considered a special attack.
- Drone Kick now has 15-frame pause on hit.

Tag system:
Start - Partner assist
z+c - Tag in/Tag out
D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper

- Repair Circuit - C: Based on Injustice's trait, Cyborg's character trait is the ability to regenerate health. The longer the button is held, the more health Cyborg regenerates. The heath/power ratio is 1/3.
- Combo Sting: Inspired by Injustice 2's combo system, Cyborg now can perform auto-combo by pressing X up to 3 times while standing.
- BFF: Pressing Start to call Beast Boy into the battle. Require at least 1000 power but only cost 500.
- Titans Together: When Robin is a partner and 3000 power is available, performing Cyber Shock command will activate "Titans! Go!".
- x+y/y+z/z+x while guarding: Guard Push

X - Weak
Y - Medium
Z - Strong
A - Dash/Teleport/Grapple
B - Throw (can be teched by opponents)

Nova Blaster (B,F,x/y/z): A move from Injustice 2, Cyborg blasts a beam through his arm cannon and shocks opponents. Can turn off opponents' Stands if they are turned on.
Sonic Disruptor (D,DF,F,x/y): Another move from Injustice 2, Cyborg blasts opponents away with a huge, powerful sonic wave. Cause wallbounce on hit.
Target Acquired (D,D,x/y/z): Inspired of Injustice 2's Target Acquired, Cyborg shoot 2 heat tracking missiles that can home at opponents. Can hit OTG.
Power Claw (D,DB,B,x/y/z): Based on Injustice 2's Power Fist, Cyborg turns his arm into a claw and launches opponents into the air. If move hits, Cyborg will super jump and perform a Drone Kick, cause groundbouce if the kick contacts.
Techno Tackle (B,DB,D,DF,F,x/y/z): Based on Injustice 2's move with same name, Cyborg jumps toward opponents after a delay and shocks them with electricity if move hits. Must be blocked high.

D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/z (LV1) - Cyber Shock: Overcharge himself with electricity. Has start-up invul and can hit OTG. Replace with "Titans! Go!" if Robin is a partner and 3000 power is available.
D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x/y/z (LV1) - Anti-Air Cannon: Morph into a cannon and fire.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x+y/y+z/z+x (LV3) - Rocket Barrage: Cyborg jumps into the air and unleashes a barrage of rockets that can track opponents. Can hit OTG.
D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/z (LV3) - Titans! Go!: After using Cyborg's power claw to launch enemies, the Titans arrives and assisted Cyborg, buying time for him to turn into a bomb and explode. Has start-up invul. Cyborg doesn't take damage when he explodes.

Tag Team Hyper: Cyber Shock
Tag Team Assist: Photon Shot

Credits to ZVitor, Mambojambo & ghost_rider for the based character.
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Cyborg by ZVitor (edited by Mr.Giang)
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