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» mirror master
The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Emptyby crosspotts1.0 Today at 8:51 pm

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The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Emptyby CARNAGE777 Today at 6:09 pm

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~ Happy 7th Birthday to MMV Celebration - It is *OVER*, tell us how we did in reply please ~
The Mugen Multiverse - Portal EmptyMay 6th 2019, 9:20 pm by Adminbot
The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Animated-balloon-image-0002
The Mugen Multiverse - Portal JE1qq0U

MMV is celebrating it's 7th birthday regarding the creation of this forum community and we will be giving you all of the gifts. This topic will keep you up to date on everything that happened.

So please give your birthday wishes and anything else you would like to discuss in reply to this topic Smile


After a small hiccup we give you the finale gift of Nova by Blade. Click here to download and talk about this awesome release:UMVC3 NOVA - BLADE released

If you are a big Mortal Kombat fan, then you need to talk about in in this topic: ajrenalin shows off a video of his new Scorpion WIP

Chuchoryu has shown off his latest progress on Powered Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. Click here to see the video and talk about this:
Powered Akira Kazama from Rival Schools video

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Quint-60652-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Axl-MM-81087The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Toadman-55126
Laspacho and the RMM team have shared 3 more stand alone characters from their roster Quint, Axl, and Toadman. Click their images above to download and talk about these releases...

Falcon Rapper has released K9999 (Final version) POTS/Infinite. Click here for a video and to download:
K9999 (Final version) POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Protoman-47704-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Megaman-Chaotic-74895-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Crashman-1003-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal RMM-Airman-89147-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal SnakemanThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Tenguman
Laspacho and the RMM team have shared 6 stand alone characters from their roster Protoman, Megaman, Crashman, Airman, Snakeman, and Tenguman. Click their images above to download and talk about these releases...

LESSARD has finally completed his passion project for you all in his Eddy Gordo from Tekken. He poured his soul into that character with so many customizations. So go get Eddy and congratulate LESSARD at: Tekken's Eddy Gordo released by LESSARD!!!

regisc releases his 2nd character in 2 days for MMV's birthday in: The Mask by regisc released. Thank you regisc!

Lessard and Shining show off a long awaited character for mugen Mysterio, click here for more info and video: MYSTERIO WIP By LESSARD & Shining

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 2U6AH
Here is a cool DC Comics WIP by shanri in the Blue Devil

A long time Marvel WIP is finally available in your Mugen thanks to regisc and Cristianomelo with the release of Valkyrie. Watch the video, then go download and discuss at: Valkyrie by regisc and Cristianomelo released

If anyone ever thought Will Smith's Hancock wouldn't come to Mugen, Gabriel Hods is proving them wrong with: Video preview of Hancock

One of our newest members Seryy Volk has shown off: Ranma Saotome WIP

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Metalman-88690-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Gutsman-34196The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Iceman-45951-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Heatman-27699-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Skullman-2146-thumb
ajrenalin and the RMM team have provided us with 5 stand alone characters from their roster Metalman, Gutsman, Iceman, Heatman and Skullman. Click their images above to download and talk about these releases...

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Ezgif-com-gif-maker-9
Electro released 2 stages from Punisher arcade. Click the link above for more info...

Juli & Juni (2 on 1) has been edited by thatguy: Juli & Juni (2 on 1) edit by thatguy

Training Room bonus stage by Zvitor has been edited by thatguy to include 6 more stages to fight in: Training Room Bonus stage by Zvitor, edit by thatguy

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 10hst2rThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal 65q1vn
Kyoman has joined in releasing a couple stages Asgard Throne Room and Morlocks Sewer. Click their images above to download...

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Ezgif-com-crop-7
Shanri and BWWD show off another project, this time Brainiac from DC Comics WIP. Click the image above to find out more..

Chuchoryu has shown off another one of his projects, this time Chae Lim KOF MI. KOF MI in CvS Chae Lim preview

This long-term project is finally shown in video format for you all as a gift courtesy of: volzzilla & shanri present the video preview of Domino

The long wait for Batman to get one his iconic villains into Mugen is almost over thanks to skhsato123. Discuss the project at: Ras Al Ghul WIP Reveal w/ video preview

Varia31 has returned for yet another cool release he has made for us during MMV's Birthday. Watch the video, then talk about everything here: Diddy Kong (BETA) by Varia31 Released

A long time full game project by Nexus Games is now available to the MMV Community. Find the download and discussion at this link: Sega vs. Capcom Full Game Released by Nexus Games

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 110The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Cv-S-Ace-by-chuchoryuThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Cosmic31
Demunlawin has released SFV Karin and here are a pair of project updates from chuchoryu and skhsato123 respectively in SFV Karin Release and Ace video preview and King Shark WIP Reveal

skhsato123 has released another character for you, this time on the Marvel side in Black Bolt from the Inhumans: Watch this video, then talk about the release here: Marvel's Inhumans Black Bolt RELEASE

Thank you to Chuchoryu for showing off the new roster of Soul Calibur in this video. To find out more, follow this link: Soul Calibur roster update video

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 2euomxsThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal 27wstqa
Check out these really cool stages from bam77. One has a Thanos/Black Order theme, the other is referencing Star Wars. Click the corresponding image to find whichever topic for download & discussion

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 2TVpQ
Here is a really cool OpenBOR project with the theme of Batman Vs. TMNT thanks to Bwwd and shanri you can find out more on

Get ready for one of the biggest releases of 2019 in Iron Fist by Blade. Very good conversion from UMvC3 into a Mugen counterpart that we know you'll love. Download and talk about the char when clicking: Ironfist UMVC3 by Blade RELEASED!

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Gam10
Check out this very cool WIP Reveal of Gamora by Blade for the Marvel Vs Capcom Plus project

An all-new edit of Kage from SFV is now available courtesy of LESSARD that you can discuss and download at: Custom SFV KAGE by LESSARD released

One of MMV's long-time favorite projects is now seen in video format where you can discuss what is to come here: Video Preview of The Question WIP by Doom & LESSARD

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Lara-Croft-Early-Alpha-68612-thumbThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal Transform01
Thanks to thatguy for a couple edits. Amazo and Lara Croft. Click the pictures above to see their threads..

Here is a teaser video of Wild Dog from DC's Arrowverse thanks to carpa5 that can be discussed further here: Video Preview of Wild Dog

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Poll10
Help MMV decide its next forum WIP between Winter Soldier or Firefly in the topic that hyperlinks out of this picture

Check out this very cool Bloody Roar Demo that chuchoryu decided to share as part of MMV's birthday at: Mugen Bloody Roar 2D Edition: DEMO #1

Everyones favorite Teen Titan is now much cooler after this updated release by chuchoryu that you can find here: MvC Raven DC Comics Upgrade

CvS Kage/Shadow Ryu got a welcome update courtesy of chuchoryu. Watch the video, then follow this link for the download & discussion: CvS Kage/Shadow Ryu upgrade

A special 2 in 1 entry where you can see Iron Fist by Blade in video action that also WIP Reveals Cassandra Cain Batgirl by laspacho and thatguy. You can discuss either one at the following links: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) WIP by Laspacho and thatguy or New video of Ironfist by Blade

Halo just got a really cool representative in your roster thanks to chuchoryu and his release of: CvS Arbiter/Inquisidor Early Beta

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Captain-Marvel-17721The Mugen Multiverse - Portal A-Ironman-65194-thumb
One of MMV's newest members in EX WILDSHARK shared a pair of edits of Iron Man and Captain Marvel that added some MK functionality and fatalities to them. Find them when clicking their animation

Your Injustice roster just got alot better courtesy of skhsato123 and his release of Enchantress. Watch the video, then talk about her at: Enchantress (A.K.A June Moon ) New Earth -Injustice- version

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 2TNdR
Another cool Avenger project, Black Knight, is revealed thanks to Shanri and BWWD. Please click the image above for details.

Chuchoryu and Nexus Games have showed off a progress on Tekken vs Soul Calibur Full Game Demo. For details, click this link: Preview video of Tekken vs Soul Calibur

A long time project here is getting a video preview for you to see courtesy of borg117, Angelus_Silverhead, volzzilla, and Mistah Jorge. Watch it now, then talk about the project at: Preview video of Phoenix Cyclops

The Mugen Multiverse - Portal LenThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal 5m0o47 The Mugen Multiverse - Portal Madgeargang The Mugen Multiverse - Portal 5UxSAzwThe Mugen Multiverse - Portal DMe8qIQ
Thank you to Zadkiel Mugen Zone for his edit of Lynn Baker ; thatguy for doing some fixes on chuchoryu's Foot Soldier, and Madgear Gang Sidescrolling bonus stage by Skiff ; Andywho for updating Bimmy and James

Here is a massive Mugen release courtesy of bam77 who has brought us Nuclear-Man from …[/img(151px,113px):e259][/img(151px,113px):e259][/img(199px,113px):e259][/img(320px,240px):e259]

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